Peek-A-Boo Lessons...


I am happy to report...we are finally getting better!
Thanks for your sweet words, remedies and thoughts...some
of them nearly brought me to tears...your kindness astounds me daily...
I am blessed to know and share with you ♥

The bird ( who has had the hardest go at this little bug) was actually up-and-at-it a bit more, he wanted to dance ( which is really like a daily thing around here...though not since last week)...and he was very adamant about playing his favorite game....peek-a-boo....
at this game....he is a champ!

I kind of always cheat...
I mean... am I really alone here?
It's so easy to take a little peek...in between,well, peeks.

...and then, it kind of hit me... yes, I kind of do this
in my own daily life...
I cheat...well sort of...
I mean, I hide imperfections about myself all the time
because I am embarrassed or ashamed...
I don't feel adequate or up to par...
I may not be as successful or
hey, I'm just a stay-at-home-mom
...I don't really make a difference.

Every now and again, I peek from behind those insecurities
to see if anyone else can see them, to make sure they are as neatly
tucked away as I think they are...
and maybe, just maybe they will be...
maybe they are.
But they shouldn't be.

Let's be real
I need to be.
I am human, I am imperfect...I will always be
no matter the day, circumstance or job title
and that is OK.
Hiding behind that creates the biggest dark cloud over your spirit
and after awhile...that cloud will break
and it will all come pouring out.

Wanna stop playing peek-a-boo with your imperfections?
I do.
The expectations we can set for ourselves can be so
unattainably high that even the best person couldn't reach them, yet we
punish ourselves to be this image we have created...the world has created.
We can try to be good people, do good things, work hard and be good parents....
yes, do that.
Just know that there are bumps, will always be imperfections...
Embrace that...
and we could probably climb more mountains.

It is easier to see the world and yourself without a mask
it is easier to carry your troubles with help, embracing them
than trying to hide the luggage you are carrying on your shoulders.

I know this isn't something everyone likes to talk about...I certainly don't...but I felt this has been on my heart a lot lately...and I can only assume so many others feel this way too. We were not created to walk on this earth alone. I hope opening up a little about my insecurities, may just help even one other person do the same...


Anonymous said...

I can definitely relate! Great post! Great blog!

Brittany said...

Love this!

Hespyhesp said...

I can totally relate! That's one of my resolutions - to be nicer to myself!

Cute pictures!

Kim said...

It's a hard thing to do, but you've put it all perfectly. It's okay to be imperfect...it's how we grow and become better. :)

Ajax said...

I call this the perfectly imperfect. :) Imperfections are beautiful, even when it is hard to accept them in ourselves.

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

Mi dulce Elenita... I was breathless to find this post after having just posted my heart out just this morning (6am to be exact)... imperfections waving with the wind for everyone to see. We seem to be in sync, I am thankful for you, even though we have never met in person. You accompany me and are the first to leave love on a post that hurts as a woman and as a mother. Someone once told me that I shouldn´t make my blog so personal. That I have a business, and that i should keep things light. I tried. Couldn´t pull it off. I think reality, with all it´s sweetness and bitterness, is really all we´ve got (and is big time under rated). So this morning I´ve decided to applaude myself, you, my friend, and every other person with the guts to bare it all... and still smile proudly.