Happy 2012, A Blog Update, and a lil Xmas too...

Happy 2012, friends!

Holy Moly...what a crazy past few days we've had around here!
I wish I could report that we are feeling better...quite the opposite actually... we spent the afternoon at the Dr.'s office and have been diagnosed with upper respiratory infections...ughhhh... well, at least we know the problem and hopefully I will be able to get a little sleep... these poor kiddos have been awfully pitiful...makes me so sad to see them like that.Not exactly the most picturesque way to start a new year, but at least we are here, all together and have a home to be sick in, I say!

Oh, notice the big changes around here (the blog that is)?!?! I have no idea how I pulled it off with everything else that has been going on, but I knew I wanted a fresh "face" for my little space since it is a brand new year after all! I have been tweeking little things here and there today so if something isn't working exactly 100% , that's why. Hope you like it! I had a much clearer idea of what I wanted everything to look like going into the update this time...so I think that also helped make everything easier and faster this go round!

Now, on to our little Christmas.
I promised you all a recap of the day...and I know it's a bit late...just chalk it up to germs! lol

I mentioned in my update post that we woke up super early to share in Christmas together here, at our home before making the 4 hour trek to my family's home. Well, here are a few pics from early Christmas morning.
The first Christmas morning in our new home!

 the bird was so bewildered by all the gifts....this was his very first present-opening experience...!
( he was too little last year)

Luca loved every minute of it...he didn't even care that we woke up super early...
He is a champ at Christmas by now...and so precious...he helped pass everyone
there gifts...asking me or the Mr. to read the "to" and "from" for him. He only asked for
one gift this year... Simba. So the Mr. and I were so thrilled to see his little face light up
when he unwrapped his new Simba!

Thank you to all our friends and family who sent these littles gifts! They have thoroughly
enjoyed each one! Luca comes up to me daily and tells me who gave him each gift! The memory that kid has...if only mine were still that good!

I was thrilled to be able to spend Christmas at both our home and with my family
that day.... I couldn't have asked for more.
Though my grandmother wasn't there this year to celebrate with us, I know she was looking down
on us, happy we were all together and continuing in our oldest of traditions.

Hope your Christmas was extra special and your New Year filled with excitement!

(as for us...well we brought it the new year with lots of tissues, in bed...watching lots of Elmo lol we weren't quite the party scene this year!....maybe next year!)

How did you bring in the New Year?

xoxo  Elena


The Hanlon's said...

my son Michael would FREAK OUT for the Cars jammies! He is a big fan!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! What a lovely little family you have!