16.42: Bringing in 2012

December {2011} Edition

Hi friends!
It is so good to be back...I loved & hated
being away for so long, but it was nice to have
a chance to see friends and family and celebrate the
holidays with everyone.
We all caught a bug while away, and we have
been trying to nurse ourselves back to health...
we have been a little grumpy and a lot mopey around here
and we have been celebrating the last few hours of 2011
with a box of tissues, cough medicine and reruns of Elmo.
Not exactly going out with a bang...Ha...but our neighbors
are shooting off fireworks as we speak...so we sort of feel
a little festive...and kind of like we're in the midst of
a battle field....lol

I thought I would end this year with one final monthly kiddo update.
I love doing these (and hope you will all indulge me at least) and
hope my kiddos will one day appreciate that I took the time, each month, to remember there changes, growth and personalities.

I will get around to the Christmas post soon (promise)...Probably after we all feel a bit better :)

This month, I wanted to merge the monthly post with House of The Funny Face.... Check out (just some) of the silliness that
goes on. Here goes!

This month you received a new nickname- "tank" because the way
you fall, roll and ram into things 24/7 you couldn't be more closely built like anything else...
you would surely have had stitches, broken bones and who knows what else! I'm so thankful you
are such a tough kiddo...you scare me to bits with you daredevil outlook on life...but I kind of dig it too...as long as you're safe that is! You are such a silly kid...and your jokester personality has revealed itself as of late.This month you moved from a crib to a toddler bed!...and no more high chair for you either...now you have a nifty new booster seat! You are learning more and more words...but you still say "yes" more than all the rest...this needs to be marked in history...the kid that says yes! You refuse to wear socks... and you can touch your toes to your head...still! hahaha which is pretty funny. Your Papa got you your very first swing and you have loved every minute of it! I still catch you throwing your food all over the kitchen and your worst habit is picking your little nose (even though it is secretly kind of cute at your age). You steal the toilet paper...and drag it all the way down the hall just to pretend you're blowing your nose...and besides all the mess...you actually do a good job :)
I love you, my not-so-little baby boy.
You'll always be mommas baby.
You'll always find some way to make me smile.
Stay silly...there are far too many of the serious nature.
The world could use a few more smiles.

(I noticed I started calling you this a couple months ago...as a nickname for your nickname "monkey"
and it kind of stuck...so monk you are lol!)
You won the coolest kid award again this month ...after you successfully staged, angled and shot your first photo shoot with the camera you received for Christmas...and I didn't even tell you how...the photo shoot was of Elmo by the way...it was awesome. Child after my own heart! This month you have begun to learn to write! We are both really excited about this...I'm not sure who is more excited really...but I light up when I see the look on your face...every time you finish a letter. You remember Grandma Sallie, you told me where she lived, you told me she is dancing with Jesus...and even though you don't really understand it all... you made me cry...sweet, heavy tears to know you still have a memory of her at your age. This is your last year at home with me...this is the year you begin preschool...and honestly, it both excites and saddens me. I am so happy that you get to learn and interact, but I will always miss this special season we have shared. You are still fascinated with all things telephones...and you love to chatter away on your (pretend) phone to all your friends! I love your willingness to learn, you love for cameras and art, your nurturing spirit and your precious smile.
Never stop caring for others.
Never stop loving.
Your gift is the kind that ends wars,
rebuilds bridges and brings
everyone together.
Share it.

He is telling the bird to "stop touching the telephone, or momma's gonna
be mad." lol and the bird could really care less :)

Happy New Year, Friends!

Hope 2012 is filled with all the best for you!

xoxo Elena

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Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

Sometimes I feel a bit lonely, you know?...when you put your heart out there and, even though you do it for yourself, or your sweet little ones, you feel no one´s on the other end reading or sharing? I think it´s important to say, it is rare to read such beauty written for little ones. I feel my heart beat just like yours, lika a mamma´s. Nothing like it. I think what you write to your babies is poetry, and one day they will cherish your words, your pics and your motherly love posted day after day, as if it were gold...