Mountain Land

Our trips to the mountains aren't very often....maybe once a year... so when we do make it up there we try to get in as much of everything there is to offer as possible. The Mr.'s family, is always prepared with warm food, conversation and places to go and see.... they took us thrifting,
sight-seeing through the mountain-side, made us homemade ice cream ( who could be mad at that?!), loved on our little ones and put smiles on our faces.

A super thanks to my father-in-law for cooking such wonderful meals daily for my hungry bunch...
to my sister-in-law for her sisterly conversations,
to the Mr.'s Nana, for cooking her famous banana pudding...just like my grandma used to.... for knowing how important that was...

We saw snow flurries, a rainbow, a full grown deer eating in the backyard, icicles, and I thrifted a $90 shirt (with the tags still attached!!) for $9!!!!

Is there a place you always return to? Where is it...and what makes it special to you?

 then, she {snapped}


Halina said...

There is a delightful atmosphere i the woods that I think you captured perfectly here. My boyfriend has a cabin in the mountains, and it's sometimes the most peaceful thing on earth to be there - apart from the fact that you have to pull up water from a well every time you need it, which is a little stressful :(

Kim Purple said...

Wow this is so refreshing. I am having such luck finding a beautiful community of like-minded individuals since I deleted my Facebook. Your pictures have an element of comfort and simplicity that I absolutely adore. Thank you for sharing your day:]