Home and a gift I needed...

Hey friends! We're finally back home today (well, yesterday technically) and it feels so wonderful to get back into the routine!
We had a great time with the Mr.'s family, had some amazing food, went to tons of thrifts shops and got to wonder around the mountains ....
pretty awesome if you ask me!

We even got to experience a little more of actual winter lol
it's so mild here that when we experienced that brisk, raw mountain air....
I'm not sure we ( or at least I) were prepared... but we had lots of layers!

I have a lot of posting to catch up with so bare with me...I had intended to have something for you all yesterday but we arrived later than I had anticipated and we were busy getting everything unpacked, etc...
you all know how it is right?!
No worries, tonight I'll share a little of our trip
with you all and I have an engagement shoot to edit...
(I will also be showing you highlights from that sometime soon)
Things will be slowly getting back to normal here!
Oh, and for your sweet, sweet, sweet comments over the week...
I am sorry I haven't responded to you all... I will be doing that today too...!
Thank you for all your sweet words...they were so lovely...

Side note:
A while back I added this book to one of my boards on pinterest as something I wanted
to pick up to read...since I had heard from a lot of you out there that it was/is an amazing book.

Well, my sweet SIL let me borrow her copy! Isn't she great?! She handed it to me as we were leaving...gosh, I miss that girl already! I started reading it last night ( though I should probably have been sleeping hahaha) and seriously could not get through the first chapter without crying....seriously.
If you all want a great book to read pick this one up!
If you have struggled with a death of someone close to you...wondering why it happened...or you are having trouble moving on...healing...this book is perfect for you!
Thank you Tiff, this is exactly what I needed to read right now!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!
Here's to catching up!
I'll be back later with my mountain post!

Have you received a gift that has helped you in a great way?

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Tippy said...

I'm so glad that the book is bringing you comfort and peace. I hope my side notes don't confuse you haha! Feel free to add your own! I love and miss you so much already and can't wait until we see each other again!