17/43: Secret Weapon

 It amazes me how "into" something my kiddos get...like here, for instance...
I could have marched to the moon in a fluorescent green space suit
(there's a visual) and these two would have no more than flinched...
because of my secret weapon...

I love how, no matter how big you have gotten, you are still the best of friends.
I can tell you that it makes this momma, your momma, very happy.
I love to see you two give hugs and kisses, high fives and pats on the back.
I love to see you two sharing your lives.
I am so thankful to have the chance to share my life with yours.
One of my favorite things to do is watch you two dance..
this is a daily event...and it never gets old.
Watching music and rhythm work its way into your being...
that is magical. If there were a million and one ways to say I love you it wouldn't
be nearly enough.
You two are my best buds...and my daily companions...
You kiddos bring out the kid in me...
and you've given me the opportunity to do things I have long since outgrown...
to relive the fun of childish happiness...that is a gift in itself.
You are my happy.

My big teddy bear... you continuously put smiles on my face...you are the most verbal little boy your age that I have ever seen... You crack me up with your silly phrases and saying all the time!!! Your favorite phrase this month has by far been, "Oh for the love of socks!" hahaha and I giggle every time I hear you say it. You have come to the realization that you can say you are "afraid" about anything you don't want to do and it stops me in my tracks.... I wonder what mine was when I was his age? I smile to myself over it more than anything... You have drawn your little fingers off with your new chalk set (that was a stocking stuffer at Christmas) you have almost every paver covered in my back yard...and I hope it rains before we have company hahaha...I love to see you create...even if it is at the expense of my yard. You love blowing bubbles in your milk and proclaiming,"I have a milk 'stache momma!" hahaha I am so pleased at how independent you are becoming...you instruct your little brother well (most of the time lol) and you effortlessly tell me how things make you feel..
never lose that. it is a special gift to be able to express your feelings...all too many people have taught themselves how to not do that anymore... Your favorite recipe we cooked this month was Shrimp Scampi...and I would have never believed it...!!! But I am so glad...you are in a picky stage at the moment. I love it when you call me Momma Robot...and when you put bubbles on my nose at bath time... I love the way you say, "momma, I just love you..that's all."
I love that when you see me crying, you give me a hug and say, "momma I know you miss Grandma Sallie."....because you always know ...
and I cannot for the life of me understand what I did to deserve
such a precious gem like you.
But oh am I so thankful.

my bright-eyes little one...I am amazed everyday by how much you progress, by how quickly you learn. You would think I would be used to it by now, but I am in awe just the same way I was with your big brother. This month you have wanted more momma time, and I am so happy to see that finally happening...you want to be held more, cuddled more and loved on more...and I just soak it all up! You have been really into reading your books as of late and we have been pouring over your baby's first books and early readers too! One of your favorite words to say is 'bird" and that just makes my heart so happy to hear...after all, you are my bird. You want to do and learn everything your big brother can do... and I love watching you try...and helping you when you realize you aren't quite old enough to do some things. You are, I am convinced, the perfect sleeping toddler! (I hope I don't jinx this) You go to sleep right away and only get up maybe once every so often. Who does that? You're amazing! I love your gutsy giggle, and your big dimples...how you think there is a frog in your belly button...and in everyone else's belly buttons too. I love watching you clasp your hands for bedtime prayers...as soon as I say, "bedtime"....I love the way you put my head to your chest and hug me tightly... everyday at nap time....
I love every little kiss you give me...because you haven't known how to for very long.
I just love you.



Lesley @ the floyd boys said...

Beautiful! Little boys are so sweet and yours are just adorable!

One Tough Mother said...

Oh my gosh. Be still, my heart. You have 2 handsome little men - of course you're a proud momma! This is beautiful Elena. So so sweet...