February Freebie

Happy February!!!

I thought I would start the month off right by whipping up a new desktop background to share.
I am always in need of a handy calendar and I love having one on my desktop for quick reference,
so I made this one with a "Valentine-esque" theme.

You are free to share, download, etc...! Enjoy!

          Just go  here  to download!

You may have to tweak the size a bit...depending on the size of your screen, I have a rather large one so I had to do some size readjustments myself.

Ok, I am headed off to get some much needed sleep!

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The Allred Family said...

I just found your blog and I love it. I got into it from myyellowsandbox. Anyway, downloaded the calendar (which I LOVE!) and realized the dates are wrong! OOPS! Just thought you'd like to know! :)