Adios January...hello Love month!!!

January 2012

- The bird decided to style his hair with maple syrup
-we were all really sick and took a bunch of silly pictures to feel better!
- January was marked 1 year since I lost my grandmother...and we spent a day in reflection.
-I photographed my first Engagement Shoot!!!
-The Mr. and I got some hang out time.
-Luca realized his love for chalk
-We took an awesome trip to the Mountains.

I am so excited to be participating in month-in-photos 2012  !
I have put off documenting these important milestones in my families
life for too long...and for me...(other than my blog) this project gives me
the kick I need to actually to get going!
I have also decided to do Project Life this year...and incorporating these
monthly collages will make each album extra special!!!

If you are interested in doing this yourself...it isn't too late!!!
Just head on over to Simple As That and Rebecca will walk you
through everything you need to do to get started!!!

Also, don't forget to head over to Katherine's blog  One Tough Mother to get in on the Valentine's Day action! She is hosting a 14 day long blog hop that is all things Valentine's Day Wonder!!!!
I am participating on day 10 but there are tons of other lovely ladies (and their blogs) participating too!!! So head on over and show her some love... and find out who is hosting tomorrow too!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


Megan said...

You have a beautiful family!

Stacey said...

LOVE this Collage! Your pictures are gorgeous!

rebecca said...

love it Elena! i'm pretty sure I've said it one {or ten} times...those boys of yours are so darn cute! :) always a treat to see your photos! thanks for sharing.

stephanie said...

ummmm yeah i just found your blog and i think i'm in love. you are adorable little miss!

Jennifer Levin said...

I'm loving your photos! And, hey, what's wrong with using maple syrup to style your hair? Seems like it would do the trick. Those sweet boys keep you pretty busy I'm sure. Enjoy them. Thanks for sharing your photos! ~Jennifer

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Beautiful collage! I'm loving your blog too - amazing photos with fantastic colors!!