Hello December...

Hello December.

My how you have come so quickly!
Anyone feeling overwhelmed by the holiday countdown yet?

Today, I started to get that feeling.
Today, I was calculating all the many things that needed to be done in
such a short time.

But why exactly?
Aren't we supposed to have this time to enjoy each other...
...to share, and love and remember?!

Maybe, no, truly, I need to take a step back and breathe, enjoy my little ones, my family
...smell the sweet scents of the season and cherish it...
embrace it.
Pass that on to my kids.
We need nothing, save to remember and be grateful.

Is anyone with me?


Three's 4 Me said...

Hi Elena!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yes, I LOVE my new Rebel!!! I think I'm borderline obsessed! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and to tell you that I, too, am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the impending holiday madness! Talk to you soon!

Stephanie Niko said...

The holidays seem to have crept up on us this year, the unseasonably warm weather masquerading the approach of December. Yes, there's lots to do, but I've been slowly learning and relearning that it's not the doing that matters most. It's the people we're with and the moments we share.