House of the Funny Face: Schooled

part dos.

This funny face was taken on my birthday...while we were out eating lunch.
Things were crazy, the kids missed their naps and Luca had a shoe malfunction...

perfect time for funny faces!

I have to credit the Mr. with this one...because I honestly wasn't feeling silly at the moment....
(cue mom chuckles)
that's what I love about him ( the Mr. I mean) he knows there's nothing like pictures and silly faces to brighten every one's mood... and it worked!

Don't we all need that from time to time?!?! ...a reminder that , "hey, you should probably get your head out of your rain clouds ( let's keep it pg people lol) and remember there are loads...loads...loads of things to smile about, and to be thankful for...!

We ( over at our house) hope this makes someone smile or giggle today...
I realize that may be hard, given this is probably the most amazingly flattering and photogenically brilliant photo of us... but I indulge you to try and squeeze out a giggle... lol

I learned a lesson that day.
Who is going to teach my children happiness, content, self control if not me?
...and if I'm not practicing those things how will they learn?
Sometimes it is hard for me to remember they mirror my actions and behaviors because I am their teacher and their example....
that's lots of pressure, but it is a sweet responsibility.

Hope you all are having a fun packed Saturday!!!!

What are all of you lovely people doing this weekend?


Ajax said...

Loving the funny faces! Yeah, life is too short to be so serious. :)

New follower from FTLOB!! I hope you'll come visit!


Vivian said...

Aww Elena..we have such a great responsibility with our children. If we don't teach them, the world will and that may not be such a good idea :) You are wonderful mom!

bird and tree said...

Thanks ladies! SO glad you stopped by! I am so grateful for you ladies and your encouragements!!! Motherhood is indeed the greatest responsibility!!! I agree with you Vivian 100% !!!