The Getaway .... VA trip

Friends! You all know you're awesome right?!? Well, you are and I just want to say thanks for all the helps comments/emails that you all sent in regards to this post! I really feel like there is a huge split between most opinions and all are very passionate about the stance they prefer...which is great! I have to confess...I was expecting your responses to be so informative on both sides...I will definitely be thinking it over more!

So on to the real stuff...

You all may or may not have known, but a couple weeks ago the Mr. had a business trip to VA and we decided it would be a great opportunity to take this trip by ourselves...just the 2 of us...! I was so excited since, we never had a honeymoon and have never been on vacation by ourselves really...I was beyond ready for it! Granted I was by myself most of the time, since the Mr. was in meetings and such all day, but we did get to have a night out together, a night in together, and a dinner with one of the Mr.'s colleagues!

For those of you who did know about the trip, you may remember that...um silly me...I left my SD card for my SLR at home.. so I didn't get to take those lovely pictures of downtown, historic Fredericksburg that I wanted to so badly...all I had was my iPhone and my old point-and-click cannon....soooooo bare with me as these pics aren't as nice as I would have liked! Actually, these are all from my phone...I will show you all the actual "camera" pics later, with the FL trip pics maybe...or I may just put them in a little post all by themselves!

ps guys, this bed is a comfy as it looks...minus the pillows...the pillows were bunk

one afternoon we went out to central park (a shopping outlet type place) and found my new favorite frozen yogurt spot! yumm-o!

...oh yes, those eyes still get me too ladies.... and sometimes I even tell him ;)
they weigh your yogurt after you fill it with all your toppings and then charge you based on how heavy it is....I tried the vanilla bean yogurt and added granola, and fresh strawberries and blackberries! So- oooo good!  
member that night in I told you we had....well it included this yummy pizza...

fizzy beverages...for two...of the soda variety lol...

...pulling out the sleeper couch in the "living area of the suite" and watch tv and computer browsing....

....oh wonderful foot massages.... don't be fooled he gets a lot of pampering too lol

...I mentioned in an earlier post we went to see Red Riding Hood...meh...I liked it....

....and one of the Mr.'s very kind coworkers snapped our picture standing right in front of the Marine Corp. Museum... we didn't get to stay long...only for lunch...but the Mr. had a field day in the gift shop....once a Marine....as the saying goes....!

 Also, for you NC readers, I hope that you all are recovering well and being safe after the terrible tornadoes hit many parts of the state.... the area in and around my family was hit and many people close to them have lost their lives, their homes and everything they owned. My thoughts and prayers are with you all... I encourage you all to keep these families/areas in your thoughts in the coming days and weeks!

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