I ♥ THursday: Current

I have painted nearly the entire day...
Someone please tell me why I decided to do that?!
But, man do I love how it looks...!
....and I knowwwaaaahhh.... I have seriously got to post some pics!

anyway...here is my current eye-catchasssss! In no apparent order...
for your viewing pleasure!

remember that book I said I was reading last night?
Well, this is the one! Our pastor wrote this book and so naturally, I would read it
but I am truly blown away at how relevant it is to my life at this moment...so clear, so simple
... the book was written for the not so theological minded...like me...it's like layman's terms.
I highly recommend it! You can find it here! ...and the picture via

...I love this...and I love that I did this bun like daily in the 90's when I was like 12...
yep... I just said that...
does this count as a "new do" if its been more than 10 years since I've sported it? lol

this is seriously one of my most favorite photographs to date
so calm...so seclusive... love!

...there's really no justification for a $95 pair of children's boots...
but in the small sliver of chance that there was....
I would flat out pick these...
Luca would look so killer in these lol

if I could have a bed...any bed...this would be on my top 5! love the zen!

Source: glamour.com via Tanya on Pinterest

this article was really interesting... ! Anyone out there use home/natural beauty remedies?!?
What is/has been your experience with it? Good/bad?!?!

this is some seriously amazing art... hugely inspirational!

Hope you all are having an awesome night!

What are some of your current must haves/wants ?!?!


Jamie-Leigh said...

I Want that Bed hehe. I Love the hair Aswell. thank you ;D x

Anonymous said...

Ok im crazy about those boots!

Ms Kate said...

I love the bed, but I'm not sure I could get out of it so well! Old age ;)

Visiting from comment love day

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and a little bit vintage said...

lol...i was 12 in the 90's too! ;)