14/40 my how you grow...

All for one and one for all
My brother and my friend
What fun we have
The time we share
Brothers 'til the end.

~Author Unknown

Luca and Canaan,
My sweet boys! I am so honored to witness the bond you two already have for each other. At such a young age you two are already tight and I am so grateful that your love for each other is strong.
Luca- you are such a sweet, gentle older brother, always ready and willing to help and always offering a hug or a kiss. I have said it so many times before, but you truly do have a servant's heart, and you are and will be such a blessing to your brother and to so many others as well. Lately, your favorite color has been blue and, though you still love trains, your big thing lately has been all about elephants. I am daily amazed by your art and how you are continuously growing as an artist. With every part of me, I try to encourage you and this talent, ( or any other talent) because I see it in you, that drive... I want you to learn the confidence in your work and not feel insecure about what you do and what you create...the way that I do many times. You are gifted. Always remember that.
Canaan- You are my little fireball! You are such a natural leader and your little independence floors me. You are always ready to try something new and even dangerous ( pray for me eeks!). You are such a happy boy and you love nothing more than to play to your hearts content. You love to sit on your daddy's lap and bath time is your absolute favorite time! You splash around like a merman and get everything wet! You are a little daredevil always searching for something new...an explorer and you are always on the move! You are such a good walker! and you have started to climb everything! Your "bear-bear" hardly ever leaves your side and you could eat fruit like there is no tomorrow!
You both really love music and dance any chance you can. Playing together is so easy most of the time unless Luca, you are trying to keep your brother out of something he's not supposed to be into.
I love you both so very much and am so blessed to have you. Always remember that there will be no greater earthly friend than your brother. Be kind to each other always and show respect even when it is hard. Love your brother first, always and help him any way you can. Never let the sun go down on your anger and let there be an abundance of hugs rather than harsh words.
People will come and go, and so will you but a brother's love is strong no matter how far apart you may be.
You two are the greatest gifts I could have ever received. I am beyond grateful that you are my life!



Amarie said...

Very sweet shot!

kinze said...

so i'm loving your blog too ... love your style with writing ... and my what a gorgeous family you have!

jane said...

this is so sweet. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

such a cute picture :)