I ♥ Thursdays: Fall Palette

For the past couple of years I have crushed over the same colors when the Fall Season rolled around.
In most other fashion things and even home decor, I like to change it up whether it's color, style or just the accessories.
For some reason ( besides they are utterly fabulous colors) though, plum and mustard have stuck around in my favorite colors list and I'm not mad at it.

Here's a few swoon-worthy items, baring my favorite fall colors, I thought I would share with you this week!

Source: freepeople.com via thy on Pinterest

...I'm a sucker for a jersey dress...especially in this color!

...pouty plum lips...

Source: jcrew.com via Paige on Pinterest

...oh my goodness...it's like sunshine for your feet!

...most perfect place to sit ever!

...I could probably find a way to wear this everyday...um yeah.

...love the color combo here!

oh my...both?! Yes, please!

What are your go-to fall colors this season? Any I should add to my palette? ...I'm even thinking a little rust color would be gorgeous!!!


Kendra said...

that jersey dress is fantastic! color, shape, style, everything.

Anonymous said...

oh my word, i love every picture! the living room is fantastic, i love the lamps hanging! and those shoes?! pair them with that jersey dress and it'd be so cute. i always stick to the same fall palette too, but I love yours.

Liesi @ Too Crewel

♥ Nadine said...

That sofa is so neat - I'd love to have it in my living room as well.

Also, I don't own anything plum or mustard - time to get my hands onto someting, not? Thanks for inspiring me. :)

Here's to a happy weekend. xoxo.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

The shoes from Jcrew are so beautiful! Just like you said, a little piece of sunshine on your feet! xoxoxoo

Anonymous said...

I do like the sofa Elena. I have one similar in off-white with brown speckels, but this green is just captivating! The little table with the wine compliments it all!
As far as colors go for this season...I must say I am combining some green and beige with a touch of orange. Maybe not all that seasonable but a good mix.

Aunt Olga.

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

x fashionnerdic

TheOtherSideofCool said...

Found you on weekend wander over at FTLOB :)

These colours are perfect for autumn, I love the changes we go thru for each season! xx

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Kathryn said...

I love love love these photos. The colors are gorgeous!

bird and tree said...

So nice to see so many with my same/similar style loves! These are truly lovely pieces! Color is so inspiring to me! Thank you all for visiting!! I truly appreciate each one of you!

Nadine- Target always carries those colors if you want a quick and inexpensive addition to your fall wardrobe! I love that place!!

Aunt Olga- Thanks for stopping by! I know you have good taste lol ... and orange! that is a great fall color and as an accent to those neutrals would look amazing Im sure!!!! Hope you are doing well!! My love to you and Tony!