...andddddd we're backkkkk!


What a crazy few days it has been!

Before any thing else, I want to take a minute to thank all of you who helped us with this whole house buying adventure: Seth our friend and realtor! ( he and his wife had a baby last night as well so major thanks and congrats to you all!), My parents for lifting way to many heavy objects, moving us for the 4th time in 4 years, driving all the way down, putting up with loving on our kids...you all are the best! To the cable/Internet guy who came exactly 2 hours early....Early...that's right you heard me...woo hoo, when does that happen?!?...even if I was the crazy, scary lady in my pjs and no makeup..yikes.. To all you readers who were patient with me while I was MIA...

thank you .... thank you .... thank you... thank you!!!

At the very end of this journey we are here and we hold the keys to our very own home.


My new favorite word!

today we were finally able to relax just for a few minutes. We have been consumed with organizing, arranging, re-arranging, unpacking, etc. and just trying to get some semblance of normalcy back.
What a joy it has been to see the kiddos run around in the backyard, kicking the soccer ball around and watching Luca's eyes light up when he caught his first frog in our own yard was indescribable. These are all things that are so new and so wonderful for us...even though they may be small.

I will be back soon with a little house tour...some pics here and there of our new home...but not quite yet as the chaos is still in the danger zones! lol.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

Oh, and thank you to all who have commented and wished us well! We do so appreciate it! Oh! and for all the wonderful music recommendations too! I put several of them to use these last days!


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your new house!! you and your family are beautiful! thanks so much for stopping by!

Kim said...

that's so exciting! A new house! How fun :) Love the pictures...and fun key picture! I love finding new blogs...I'll be back :)


vintch said...

oh how fun! congrats girl!!

it's such an adventure, house hunting. we're still searching for the right one, and our little town is quickly running out, so we're thinking about saving until we can build.

can't wait to see how you guys turn that house into a home. that's one lucky space:)

bird and tree said...

I am overwhelmed by your sweetness! Thank you all so much! I am so glad you gals stopped by! We are in love with our new home and cannot wait to share some pics with you all!!!

Vintch- Thanks so much!!! Seems that before we left, much of East NC was getting filled quickly!! I am excited for you to be able to build! So many opportunities!!! You must blog about it when the time comes!!! I will be reading along with you! You are the sweetest!

rebecca said...

Congratulations on your new home!! :) Hope the unpacking has gone well. Thank you so much for linking up with the simple things...I can't wait to see your phtoo this week. Rebecca