Moving Music...

...or maybe I should say, music for when I'm moving...literally.

I desperately need a new playlist...specifically for all this moving business. Ya know the kind, a little jumpy, gets you motivated and ya feel a little "dancy" as Luca would put it...yep he already has the lingo...sheesh.
So. If any of you dear sweet readers have any suggestions...puhhhhleazzzzeeee....help a girl out.
I do have a lot of good music...I shouldn't complain really...I just lack the time to compile a playlist at the moment. I mean, even if it's a Pandora station you really love, I wanna know! Plus, I love learning/finding out about new (or new to me) bands and music!

This picture cracks me up lol! Can you tell I'm feeling the pressure yet? Hah, clearly this box is not full...and really needs to be...plus you would be able to see my massive arm muscles flex a bit...because I'm hardcore like that. Even my muscles have run away...and I  don't blame them a bit.

...and to be fair (yep, I'm back on the music conversation) I decided to share one of my fave "dancy" songs of the moment... aren't I nice lol! Yes, this is the Suits theme song...but I love Ima Robot anyway...and Suits so it's a win-win situation.


Tippy said...

Try Gloria Estefan or Red Hot Chili Peppers (especially the song Higher Ground).

Sarah said...

I really like the band City and Colour. Try that! :)

Mare said...

hi! new follower!


bird and tree said...

thanks for the recommendations ladies!!! I put them to good use! I have always loved RHCP and City and Colour may be my new fave thanks so much for the introduction Sarah! I love finding new music!!