Where I've been...and the Birdie's birthday party

Boy, does it feel fabulous to be home! I feel more like a stranger in my house these days than an actual resident, but, on the other hand, I do love the ability to travel with the Mr. soooo I guess that is a fair trade to say the least. Would you believe it if I said I was exhausted?!? mmmmhmmm... In one week and a half I have traveled 3 states and back, visited at least 4 cities, trekked through an entire historical Fredericksburg in 90+ weather (which was absolutely awesome by the way) and a museum. ( deep breathe) Planned and prepped for the bird man's 1st birthday party...threw said birthday party with the help and hard work of my mom, visited my parent's church twice and took Luca to his very first movie ( we went to see cars 2!!!).... whew... and I have still left out quite a bit! I am tired. I am happy. I am blessed with such wonderful family both immediate and extended. My heart is light despite my tiredness... which I am grateful for. With that feeling is accompanied by the difficulty (though I loved being with my parents and brother again) I found to be "home" again...the first time back since we moved. To be so near to where my grandmother was and not be able to visit her...nostalgia is bittersweet. 6 months...and seven on the 11th.... harder still I find it to celebrate the birth of my little one knowing she couldn't be there to celebrate with me (us)...to hold the little boy she got to meet and nickname but little more before she left us. I miss her. Oh, she loved a good party and no tears...she didn't like to see me sad ever...or anyone else, and so I celebrate and cry and in the bitter sweetness I find joy.

I didn't expect this post to come out quite the way it did.... I am positive many of you can relate. Though I am not trying to be depressing...the heart of this blog is in reflection...so here I am... reflecting. Hope you don't mind.

The sweet moments of that day were oh, so sweet indeed! They helped soothe the sadder moments and really what more wonderful time is there than the mark of one year of life!?! This little one of mine has such fire and gumption for life and I am inspired daily by him. He is so sweet and so determined, so independent and strong and yet so compassionate and loving. His birthday party was so much fun and was spent with the people ( though unfortunately not everyone could make it) we love and who love us. Truly a celebration! I could go on and on... but you don't want that do ya? OK, OK here are some of the gazillion pictures I took of the day... I tried to keep most of the extended family out of the pictures not knowing whether they would want their faces on my blog (some don't and that's is completely understandable)... :) so these are just some cute snaps of him throughout the day of the party!

...its not a party unless you can play with balloons!

...the Mr.'s handiwork once again...!

... the musical entertainment for his own party... what a shame lol

...on Luca's 1st birthday...he barely touched the cake...this little guy barreled through his first piece...yep, he shoved the whole thing in his mouth...!

... I have so many pictures to go through and separate its not even funny, but I thought I would pop in, say hi and let you all I know I am here- alive and well....and tell ya what we've been up to lately! Hope your Monday was managable...or better yet...awesome! I will be posting more pics soon...sheesh too many to count seriously!

When is your birthday...and what crazy funs things are you scheming to do to celebrate another year?!?


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