All the Months of My Life: 12 !

The day has come and gone...my little baby is 1 ! I really can't believe it! We spent the day at home with just us four ( well 3 of us during the day since the Mr. was working but you get the picture), spending time together and loving each other...and remembering! What a celebration this little life has been for us ♥
For his party, this past weekend, I created a digital scrapbook page that recapped all of the pictures I have taken for every month of his life since birth. I used a template from paislee press ,who is a favorite go-to template designer for me, and a favorite poem of mine to finish it off. I thought I would share it with you all since it is the 1 year anniversary of this little segment and the birdie too!

Dear Canaan,

You are 1 year old! This year with you has been so wonderful; such a gift. I have watched you grow and change and mold before my very own eyes. I have had the opportunity to be a part of that, and on days when I think about going back to work I remember just how blessed I really am to have been with you for your entire life. You have brought so much joy to this family and one day, when you get the opportunity to read through these little posts I have written for you, I hope you get a glimpse of just how special you truly are. You make me giggle, you make me chase you all over the house, you give me at least a heart-attack a day :)... because you are such a little dare devil! You love bear-bear you little blanket bear...and he hangs out in your mouth almost all day long :) Sometimes you look like a little puppy crawling all over the house with that thing hanging out of your mouth...so cute! You love whole milk...and it didn't take any convincing for you to switch over from formula...such a champ! My wallet thanks you for that haha! You love your little bouncy ball and you chase it all over the house...and when you are tired you roll over onto your back and sprawl out...growling like a little monster. You think all the food on your plate is supposed to all go in your mouth at one time...you look like a squirrel... I have to watch you kiddo! You love to toss your milk on the floor when you're done with it...I don't love this so much haha... I'm going to have to teach you to mop soon! You have 8 teeth now and you have no trouble eating at all! You can say "ela"- abuela, "bubbie"-brother, "ooca"-Luca, "uh-oh", "yeah", and of course momma and dada! You are not a huge fan of car seats, but you do an amazing job on road trips, and for that I thank you a thousand times over :) You are my cuddle bug and you give nose kisses and forehead hugs...you put your are around my neck just like your brother did when he was you age...! You can walk now! When we were out of town in Virginia you took about 3-4 steps! Now you can walk about 7-8 steps before falling over... but such a fast learner you are! I know you want so much to run around with your big brother! Your eyes are indeed changing, lately the have been much less blue and much more green/hazel...depending on what you wear. I have a feeling you have eyes like your uncle ( my brother) ... his eyes change with whatever it is he wears! I kinda miss those baby blue eyes that were just like your daddy's but they are still so so beautiful!
 I love you little guy. I will always love you no matter what. If my last day was tomorrow, I would hope that you remember that one thing. You are my sweet, sweet boy and you and your brother make my world go round.

Love Always,

wasn't that the cutest scrapbook idea! To go straight to the paislee press shop where you can find all kinds of scrapbook ideas, templates, etc. go here !


S&R Kirkpatrick said...

He is so stinkin cute! You have a beautiful family!

Tara said...

So how does this "digital scrapbooking" work? I'm a scissors and paper kind-a girl so I am totally confused. Do you download the layout, stick in your photos and they print it and mail it to you?? I use pagemaps.com for my "old school" inspiration!
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