I ♥ Thursday: Housey House... ah, Domestication

Hul-low there...itssss Thursday and that means the weekend is almost here!! I have always been a weekend warrior...especially growing up with my dad...he always had house projects going on whether it was with our house or a flip, etc. So having renovations on the mind is kind of always a constant. Since we have only ever rented though, we have never really been able to do many things in the way of asthetic changes...not much else more than paint actually....So, yes I dream of the day when we will own and be able to do all kinds of little projects and make it our style...cause yes, I don't mind doing a little work and using some elbow grease if necessary! I am always looking for great inspiration and just this week I found a truly awesome "home" type magazine that I may post about this weekend ...if you're interested... that was all to say, I have been really inspired by a lot of my pins ( naturally) and just thought I would use this segment of I ♥ Thursday to share!!!

the contrast between this converted wood headboard and dainty chandelier is breathtaking...and kinda romantic..grrrrrr...

Source: pinterest.com via Mary on Pinterest

...um, I don't care if I have to squeeze this into a closet...I pretty much want this tree in my house somewhere...like yesterday...

...the earth momma in me is totally ok with this indoor-outdoor concept...where there is a tree...there is a tree house!

...holy green thumb, martha! I would be on HG tv with this gardening area...

...pretty sure I am re-doing my office now after seeing this gorgeous one!!!...

...love, love, love this photo wall and contrasting exposed brick...come to momma!

....and I am including this just for kicks (ha, pun intended) because a girl can't be nearly as effective without a great pair of heels...!

Have you ever taken part in a renovation of any kind? What was your experience ( good/bad)?

Are you a weekend warrior at heart?

Hope you all have a great Friday!

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