Sweet Suprises and weekend adventures

Friday, Friday!

Well, it's finally here....the weekend that is, and I just realized that I hadn't told you all about a special little gift the birdie bird received the other day! It is so super cute that I just had to share with you all what it was and where you could get your very own too!

Remember this I ♥ Thursday post? Yes, well my sweet, sweet sis in law surprised us the other day by ordering that GROW sign just for the bird's nursery!

Check it out!

these signs are hand cut by William Dohman's shop Oh Dier ....and let me tell ya...his stuff is awesome! I love the cursive lettering and the distressed finish it just adds that aged feel we all know I love!

The package included an instruction sheet on how to mount the sign, a super chic business card (very clean lines might I add!) and a message from sender note (from Aunt T!!!) with the cutest deer print! Oh, and if that wasn't enough, included were the nails to mount this sucker...in a cute little personalized packet! Major props guys!

I mounted it within like seconds (not really, but you get it) and Viola! I love it! I plan to add several other pieces near it, on this wall but I just love that this is the focal point! If that isn't enough motivation....then let me just say, go check them out!!!! there stuff is amazing!!

What's going on around here this weekend?

Well, probably, a lot of relaxing...with the week we have had...we need it. I am getting my hair cut (finally) tomorrow and I am super nervous...I am going to my first salon in the new city and I am beside myself with anxiety (well, maybe not that bad...but its my hair....). I am that kind of person that finds an awesome stylist and sticks with her until the end of eternity...but then I moved many miles away from her...and have to start the hunt all over. Grrrr..... So wish me luck! It is supposed to be in the 90's so we may even hit the pool up for a bit...who knows, but definitely rest....yeah, who am I kidding I am a mom. I'll just dream about that part.



Joyful Sparrow said...

I adore your sweet little blog! I found you just sifting through the blogs on FTLOB coffe talk. Lovely layout with lovely posts. You're a great find!

Tippy said...

I'm so happy to see pictures of the sign!!! I'm sooooo glad you love it!!!

Sarah said...

Love it! SO cute - seriously what a great addition to the room!

anne said...

That sign is adorable! And so perfect for a wee one's room. I've been crushing on Oh Dier's shop for a while now, and this post might finally convince me to take the plunge!

bird and tree said...

thanks ladies! I love it so much! and yes, if you have the chance do go check his stuff out! and if you already have I totally recommend purchasing! You won't regret it! Thanks for dropping in!