I ♥ Thursday: Gush List

I just love when a plan comes together....ah..... well, I promised an I ♥ Thursday post for you all today since I haven't done one is soooo long. like I seriously failed at delivering things I love.... well in a list of 7...on a Thursday....ok really I always tend to pop in things I love here in there but that's not the point.... I am back on regular blogging schedule and it feels di-vine. Here's what I love...at the moment....

...can't you think of like, 9 million reasons I could need this dress in my life?!? seriously.

....the most romantic pic I have seen in a while...gives me the warm and fuzzies...

I would totally use coasters if I had a set like this....lol

....I can envision this in the birdie's room...since this is his major goal in life at the moment....

...there's just something so attractive and anti-square about this bag...I love it!

seriously need a chalkboard in my life...or a secretary...or a secretary with a chalkboard...hmmmm....

hello pretty hair accessory...I need you and your peachy sheen in my life... not to be confused with Charlie....not at all.

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Single Unsingle said...

You have a reaaaaaaally good eye.

My faves are the dress and the bag. Oh yeah, n the coasters. Mine are woodsy/beadsy, cute too, but i like the leaves one :)

Love ur blog!

Found ya on 20sb

newest follower (gold button on the followers tab)

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Anonymous said...

Inspirational Elena. I liked your photos for this Thursday. Cute dress, I think it will look great on you :)

Lottie Loves said...

I just found your blog, really like it and am loving this post... thought you might want to check out mine too it's all about design and lifestyle and lovely things i find :)

bird and tree said...

Thanks everyone! Though I doubt I will be affording any of these goodies this month...One can still drool right!?!?! Thanks for stopping by! I love sharing my thoughts with you all!

Jennifer said...

This is some wonderful inspiration right here! You have a great blog girl! So glad I ran across it today!