If I Were....

.... to start biking my bottom around this beautiful new city that I am so fortunate to live in.
I would be ever so much more enthusiastic about it....if this bike is what my bottom got to sit on.
I am in loveeeeee with it. Ahem, apparently, biking in the "Holy City" is a pretty popular thing to do...like, all the cool kids do it....and some days.....I kinda want to be the cool kid.
You know you'd be my friend if I had this bike. lol.

I'm done now. You can go back to your regularly scheduled Thursday.... I will actually be back later with I ♥ Thursday... finally, I know...major fail.

You'd forgive me a lot easier if I had this bike though, right?!?!
Ok, for real, I'm done.


Victoria Rose said...

I want to start biking too! I found an adorable ride (like the one above) but keep getting told the "cuter the bike, the bigger the potential for it to be stolen." No dice yet.

Cute blog! I just became a follower :)


bird and tree said...

ohhh how fun...but I hda never thought of the whole stealing factor....thats no bueno...hmmm better get a good lock for it I guess!!! Happy biking!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!