In search of wonders part 2

Im back! ....and prepped with the part 2 I promised you all! Today was crazy.... to say the least....we had cleaning and cooking, impromptu trips to the store and a little "sunning" for me... we won't talk about how many times I got lost trying to actually find the store I was looking for...gahhhhh... I just have to say this... I NEVER get lost (usually)! I have always been very good directionaly speaking, and can remember my surroundings really easily, but this place is like a freakin labrynth sometimes and every road is inter-connected to others and they loop and stop and ahhhh! Anyway, I feel better now. If you are in my area, and you see a crazy person doing a u-e every 5 seconds its probably me...hail me down...and let me use your gps...for crying out loud. Hah

Back to our weekend, I just cannot say enough about how lovely the weather was! All along the sides of the road and well, all over really they have these wonderfully creepy willow trees (or at least they look like it if they are not...shoot me. Im no tree expert here)....I just had to snap a picture of one for you all to see.... I wanted to take a road shot of the willows (or whatever they are) but traffic was too crazy and a dead blogger is no good to anyone lol. so this will have to suffice.

...right in front of the town museum was this sidewalk compsed of bricks...and as you can see... they have names carved into the brick. This was like this all the way down the sidewalk and I thought it was such an interesting touch...Im assuming these are the names of contributors to the museum? but I may be wrong on that....when I came home and started going through my pics I loved how the sun "highlighted" that strip of brick almost like I am "supposed" to focus on these names specifically.... neat-o

...we learned that this little restaurant/dive bar has live music on certain nights and is pretty popular so we are excited to check it out sometime soon!

....I am most stoked about this greek restaurant we found! It is sooooo adorable from the sign outside, and patio seating, to the amazing aromas that poured out of there...we almost tried it out then, but we had the stroller (aka my mommy eighteen wheeler) and with the limited space inside we felt it better to wait.

Of course....me and my little buddy had a great time...this was shot right after he gorged down like 10,000 fried pickles (maybe not quite that many)...but he doesn't look too green does he?!?! Meet the Great Luca Iron Stomach...

Ok now I have a huge craving for feta...and other greek delicasies....I love it when I do that. (stomach growl) The Mr. made some fantastic ribs tonight...by the way...he is the Master Griller Extraordinaire....and why am I continuouly talking about food?!?!?  Oh, well.

Off to read my book...or get side-tracked while on my way to go read my book...it happens.

Night-y Night!


Tiffany said...

You keep talking about food...are you preggo?!?!?!

bird and tree said...

ummmm no, not preggo...just hungry lol! That and that have 1 restaurant per square inch of this city almost!!!