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Happy Thursday! Whew....I have got to say, this has been such as super busy week! Before I give the wrong impression, I purely mean I have gotten so much accomplished this week and am super, over.the.top. happy about it! What have I been up to? Well, I have been dabbling in several diy's (of which I plan on sharing at least one with all of you), weeding out unecessary clutter, creating items for the shop's re-opening!!!!!! (more on that later too!) and re-doing some of the library! That's just to name a few things.... Tonight, the Mr. and I just tried to relax a bit...he's been having a really busy week as well so at the end of the day we are both pretty beat....off to bed my loves, but not with out some I ♥ Thursday eye.candy to help your dreams along!

...I need to remember this...perfectionism gets in the way of creativity...

I totally need this right now....(the recipe is included in the link) I will be trying this very soon!

...think I will try my hand at a version of this soon...a very loose version...I dont like copycating or copycats...but I do use things as inspiration

Source: etsy.com via Elena on Pinterest

...really want to do this but I am already married...hmmm any ideas on an event to do this at? Thinking my funeral would just be way to creepy lol!

...comfy-est looking pants ever! I'll take 10....

...ummmm who would not want to sleep here!?!?!?!

...I begged my dad for a hippie mobile for years...it was a wood panelled wagoneer...I secretly still want it...shhhhh...

oh my gracious.....most.beautiful.bag. e.v.e.r!


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Renee B. said...

I love that balloon idea with the thumbprints, so cute for a wedding guest book! Ahhh, pretty much love all of this inspiration, am repinning on pinterest now!!