Im not MIA anymore.... : resurfacing and most humble apologies...

Hello my sweets!

Finally...and I mean FINALLY I am back!!!!

I missed you all and this little blog of mine mucho mucho mucho...and I am so glad to finally return to it!
We have been on the road what seems like and eternity...and there is nothing better than the feel you get when you arrive home...and sleep in your own bed (if ya know what I mean). I am all about a vacation but sometimes being home is just as therapeutic. Thank you all for being so patient with me during my absence....but I have so much to catch you all up on....you'll probably be sick of me by the time its over with lol!

I took the picture above during the Flowertown Festival our city holds annually (which was about 3 weeks ago I guess...sheesh time flies!)... its is a celebration of spring (sort of) and the azaleas, like the one above, are front and center in the celebration! Huge beautiful blossoms were overflowing everywhere and I just had to get a close-up of their goodness! This is just one of many pics I took at the Festival...and the VA trip....and the FL trip lol.... the Mr. was so gracious to let me tag along on his business trip to VA...and then again (with our whole little fam) to his conference in FL....which by the way was super duper awesome...and I am jealous of all you Floridians out there that get to live in that wonderful state all 365 days of the year!

Ok....I need to pace myself clearly...but I have so much to share! Yeekkkk....bare with me k!!?!?!? and if I get too overwhelming, well, just smack me over the head in the comments section lol....

What vacations have you been on/ are you planning for yourselves this summer!?!?!?

Love, love, love you all ♥

I hope you are having lovely weather and wonderful adventures this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

lovely flowers! I miss them. They are like friends but they haven't returned to NY yet. Except for a few small violets! I did go to the florist today to help my sister choose her wedding flowers; it was good to smell flowers and see some color!