confusion can be good....

Why Hu-llo there all.
 Sorry for the little disappearing act I pulled the last couple of days. The Mr. and I have been enjoying a (little) bit of together time while here in VA. He is on business so I don't really get to see too much of him, but it is nice to be able to go out a little, just the two of us, and have a little fun. Last night we dedicated to just "us" and it was so nice. We had a little Italian food and then caught a movie. In the area we are staying there are several theaters and each one plays different movies which is different then the theaters we are used to. Long story short, we were so confused and just went to the nearest theater to our restaurant, but it worked out well...we saw ...
...and I was pleasantly surprised. Though it was suspenseful, i think my description would still be a "cute" adult version of the childhood story. I don't know, I just don't really get into chick flicks too much...I like more guy-ish type movies and honestly it was kind of both and the combination worked pretty well. Check it out for yourselves and see what you think...I would love to hear about it!

What is a movie you recently saw that you would totally recommend?!?!? I need some good tips!!!

I also got to take advantage of the really, really great shopping here in VA...ummm...totally going home spoiled, but it was nice because I haven't had a chance to get out and go shopping by myself in ....hmm... a long time...can't even remember when. I love my kids without a doubt, but there are some things that are much more difficult to do (like shopping) when you have the kiddos with you...like how can you get a double stroller into a dressing room?!?!? Answer: you can't. 

Truth: I miss my little men really bad.
Another truth: I haven't used my camera once...oh, I lie, I used my iphone camera ahaha, but still, not my real camera once since I have been here and I feel really guilty about it because I told myself I would...so tomorrow I am hoping to play catch-up on that! Wish me luck! I just have to ask... how do you all make it a point to take pics on vacation....I try to take my camera with me everywhere but I think sometimes I just get caught up in what I'm doing and don't even think to snap a pic....I would love to get your insights!

Well, I am about to enjoy a yummy take-out box full of leftovers...mmmmm..... Hope you are having a lovely week so far!

XOXO Elena


I am Megan said...

I wasn't crazy about the movie, but Red Riding's Hood soundtrack had me howling! ha!

A movie I wouldn't recommend is Rango. I didn't like it at all...but I like chick flicks a lot, so maybe I'm not the one to recommend movies :)

bird and tree said...

thanks for the input! I have heard some bad reviews about Rango too...like the language is not someting I would want my 2 year old to hear and that kinda thing....

Thanks for the soundtrack advice I will definitely have to check it out!!!