Flowertown...and weekend happenings

Happy weekend-ing loves! Hope your last day of the weekend was/is wonderful....we have been crazy around here! The weather is really lovely and just makes for a day full of activities. I am proud to report that after 1 1/2 of be-bopping to a friend's house to use her washer and dryer...we are proud owners of a fantastic set! I got a GREAT deal on these babies and even better...they delivered them and hauled them up to the second floor laundry room!!!! If you are in the Charleston area and are looking for great appliance deals...let me know...I have a number you will want to call for sure!!!!

Anywho...my business pitch out of the way ahaha....

Here are some pictures that I promised of our weekend at Flowertown!

The weather was beautiful...but hot...and Luca was thirsty the entire time...but he is 2 after all.... They had the cutest juice stand that sold these little shaped juice cups...and lucky him...they had one shaped like a train! My little conductor. Canaan, poor thing, isn't big enough to get in on all the yummy treats just yet...but he was snug as a bug behind his brother...and spent the afternoon kicking the back of Luca's seat...lol...

....even the Mr. had some fun.... not that he doesn't usually...but it was nice to see him relaxed and adventuring with us...since he is usually all business....and doesn't get to play nearly as much as me and the kiddos.

have you noticed how bright the sun was yet lol.... by this time we were crowd-exhausted... if you know what I mean... and getting ready to leave but not before an awesome carousel ride with Luca and our new special friends Jaden and her mommy Sarah!

the picture pretty much speaks for itself....it was loads of FUN....

oh...and that crowd I was talking about...yeah....now you know what I mean...ps that is just a small fraction of the amount of people that we shuffled along the streets with! Crazy...but yet so fun...and I did not eat a big gy-normous turkey leg like I was secretly (very secretly) tempted to try (for all of 2.5 seconds)!

Tomorrow I will be editing all the VA and FL pictures and may to a tiny random post or two but I will wait until Tuesday to share the pictures with you all....there is a lot of them! Oh...and side-note I found the most awesome thrift shop...like 5 minutes from our house...and bought a great chair for the Mr.'s office for...ahem...$3.99!!!!!  and some pants for him too for .99 cents! and nearly brand new too! They have everything there you could imagine...and it will probably take a lot of  self control to keep me out of there most days...but with prices like that.... who could argue!?!?!

Okay I'm done. Love!

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