Lets Make Something

Hello lovelies!

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of your weekends!

I was stumbling a bit tonight (on StumbleUpon that is) and came across this tutorial you all might like!
I have seen it before and attempted a tiny one when I was a teen ( that turned out super cute) and so when I saw it I thought how fun it might be to try it again...but maybe a bigger one? Whataya think?!? Especially since I still have lots of dcorating plans and ideas swarming in my head at the moment lol! ALL the pictures I got off of the Ruffled site...and they are super cute no?!?!

I just love diy's !!!! Head on over to the site (I provided the direct link above) and check it out! If you try it, link backso I can check it oul also! When I do get around to it, I will shouw you all some pictures of the finished product!

Tomorrow we are heading out to explore the area a bit! I am so super excited and prepping my camera as we speak lol! SO be prepared for a post heavy with images!

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ms. elisabeth said...

so fun!
i have so many ideas of what to do with these running through my head!