He's Probably Going to Kill Me For This....

....but what the heck...

This is my baby brother. His name is Daniel. He is awesome, and if you have ever met him you think so too. Today is his 23rd birthday, yeah, a baby he is not! We obviously moved before his birthday, and could not be there today to celebrate with him, but we just want him to know that we are thinking about him and wishing him a great year to come! You are an amazing brother and even better uncle! I love you, bro. ♥

...before we did leave, we had a little pre-birthday celebration and we got him a little cake! Ice cream Cake might I add....the best most coldest, brain-freezing ice cream cake I have ever eaten...just ask me. We had fun and I hope it made up a tad for us not being there today :)

Oh, ps, let's not talk about my cake decorating skills. We all know where the store decorating ended and mine picked up. lol. stop laughing. no really. we can't all be good at everything. I picture a big burly deep voiced man belting out DAN when I see this pic. ahahaha. ok laugh, you have too. 

So, happy birthday brother! We miss you and we hope you are having an awesome time celebrating! Maybe next year my cake decorating skills will be better. For now (in a burly voice) Happy Birthday DAN!


Anonymous said...

Great that you posted this Elena. BIG Happy Birthday to my wonderful Nephew!!!

Aunt Olga

Renee B. said...

March is definitely the month for birthdays!!! Happy birthday to your brother! :)