Prepped for take-off...

...this was from when we went exploring on Saturday. I am still loading and editing the rest as we speak, but since this was the first off the "press" I thought I'd give you a little tease.
Their looks are almost in-sinc, no? Like, " Oh my gosh, what is mom about to get us in?!" or "Please, nooo moreeee vintage shops!" Either way, they shouldn't complain they were riding in style...I call it my "mommy eighteen wheeler" and when I pass other mommies and their eighteen wheelers we say "10-4".... just so you know the lingo. I wish somebody would push me in one of these things, but it would look more like a u-haul...and would probably need to be pulled by a very large animal. like an elephant. They had fun, ate (well Luca anyway) too much, which is always fun when you are a kid...and missed nap time...Best day of their lives....No nap time? My worst mistake.ever.

The rest of the pics to come. Promise.

Enjoy the last, meh.... 2.5 hours of your weekends.

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