If He Could Say It....

If He Could Say It

I went out to the field, momma.
I thought about getting something you would like.
I got no money,
I got no job.
After all, I'm just a little tyke.
Got chased by the dog on my way to the field.
Tripped on a hole in the drive as I did.
Got mud on my jeans and my shoes are all scuffed.
I did it 'cause I love you so much.

I found in the field: A few rocks, and a stick,
a flower, some grass and dried straw.
I gathered it up
and now, "Here ya go."
'Cause you're my most favorite of all.
(besides daddy)
(and brother)
(and trains)
(and the Fresh Beat Band)

- Elena McCoy


Cecilia Warner said...

so precious! if you like my blog and if you have time you should follow me back!

Michele said...

Hi! Michele from Stories at my fingertips here! So glad that you came by and left a "Hello!". I really adore the color scheme of your blog. Your babies are SOOOOO cute! Excited to get to know you better and thank you for being a sweet heart. :)