Love: The Story

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day (no matter how you choose to celebrate or not celebrate)! I was just going to post the pic and leave it at that but, the English major in me forced me to add the back story.

I took this picture a day or so ago... see, I just inherited/was gifted this lovely desk of my grandmother's. I have had a difficult time seeing it in my home without becoming emotional but I feel blessed and beyond grateful to have something that was once hers....especially when the need for a desk abruptly presented itself ( we were gifted an amazing desktop computer from my SIL who was not using it at all!!! Love ya girl!). I had been battling all these emotions and I happened to look down onto the edge right where the keyboard's very edge rested....the word love carved in by who knows???? Truly what I needed to see...though it is hard, I was given this desk out of love, and I can so vividly hear my grandmother say, "I love you, girl." I will think of that every time I begin to struggle. Love, people...it is amazing. Powerful. Makes the world stop and move and has the ability to change, force you to remember, and be patient. Oh, and that little foot in the picture...well it is connected to a sweet little baby who has given me one more reason to love a day of love!

Grateful for this subtle...and yet poignant reminder....on the love-liest of days!

Kiss the one's you care for and tell them you love them because life is so entirely too short.

Rest assured I am documenting the day...probably as we speak...post and pictures to come!!!

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