London Fog

Remember that trench coat I thrifted a while back? Yes, the one I have been promising to photograph....well I FINALLY did! Today it was the kind of cold I call crisp...when there is really no wind but the the coldness is sharp to your body. A perfect day for a big over sized trench coat. My mom always called these "London Fog" coats...not exactly sure why....it may have been in an old black-and-white film. Anyway, the coat is rather large on me...I believe it is a size 12...but I could fit another person in there with me almost....but for $10 I think I can cinch it up a bit (ok a lot). The coat is lined, so it is nice a cozy warm!

...this is what I wore (under the jacket)....it was entirely too cold to take pics without a jacket in this outfit, so I opted for the badly lit indoor pic...sorry folks....the skirt I bought the same day I got the coat...for $1!!!! The skirt is a tad bit too long...I thought of bringing it up to the knee...that's a pretty quick fix. I love the dark blue and green plaid!

Now....I feel so much better since this trench has finally been photographed!!! This is one of the firsts of my vintage coat collection and I am super excited to see it gradually get larger over time....

Hope you are having a nice, lazy Sunday evening!.....It is that special day tomorrow! Hope everyone enjoys it whether you hate the holiday it represents or go crazy over it!!!! Me???/ I have 3 Valentine's this year.....I am a lucky girl ♥

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Sarah said...

This is such a cute look. I really love this coat and the pop of color from the tights. Great look!


naila said...

i love the guitar in the background. looks like my home. i have three guitars, all in different areas of the house, courtesy of the husband! xo


bird and tree said...

My husband gets the credit for this one too! He loves to play! he used to have an electric but he paired down a couple of years ago...Im sure he's thinking of adding more to his collection soon though...