flowers on the tips.....of my fingers

...have any of you tried the new Sally Hanson Salon Effects nail polish strips?!?!?? I (obviously) just did and I am in love! I was pining for spring so I got the flowery design but hey-lo they have hounds tooth too! Ummm....yes. I am sold. I love them and they are so super easy to apply! I was a little hesitant at first to try them because I am notorious for trying "new" products to be just as quickly let down....but no dice this time folks...we have a winner! I would definitely recommend it...and with 16 strips you can even afford to make a few mistakes...because it does happen.

Tonight I am packing and prepping for my trip to Charleston tomorrow...the kiddos are packed and ready to have a great weekend with the grandparents...(thanks mom and dad!), and I am gradually getting my stuff together...because I love to take my time when I pack.... my night will be filled with pairing down the dvr'd shows, a lil music, a sweet skype sesh with the lova and yep, finishing ye ole packing. hehe. Hope your Wednesday was fab.u.lous. ! Send me some awesome home-finding vibes if you get a minute...I may need all the good thoughts I can get on this one!


creations said...

I am so excited and I want some of these strips... Not to be confused with a strip ;) haha jk. Love you and I believe we will be seeing each other quite soon.

creations said...

P.s. I don't know why my I'D is "creations" but the above post, and obviously this one, are from Bonnie :)