The ones I love...

.... these are my sweet men ♥....

I took this yesterday in anticipation of the Mr. being gone.... :( it may be my last "boys" pic for a couple weeks...

Well, today was my first day playing "single momma" while the Mr. is out of town...with his new job!!!! I was actually surprised at how much energy I had today considering it has been a little while since I was by myself with both kiddos all day without anyone else around. I got so much done I am a little scared that maybe I over did it a bit (like I may pay for it tomorrow lol). I finished laundry, super-cleaned my kitchen (since we are moving I thought I would get a jump on it), cleaned the living room, packed up an entire bookcase of our books (since we wont be using them from now until the move), and cooked dinner! Yikes!

Tomorrow will be filled with final (NC) Dr. appointments, errand running, and packing for my weekend trip to see the Mr. .....and house hunt! Our AH-MAZING realtor, Cathy, has already planned and scheduled two days worth of viewings for us, and she has picked some beautiful places for us to see. I give her major props because she has worked with our super tight moving schedule and has been one step ahead of us during this entire process!

I miss my sweet, sweet Mr. sooooooooo much ♥ I cannot say enough how proud I am of him...and how much he seriously deserved some goodness to come his way!

Hope you are all having a wonderful beginning to your week!

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