Stylish Blog Award

Wow! I am so flattered to have been given this award by the ever so lovely Amie of  She Wore WHAT?! . Thanks so much Amie ! ♥

As a result of winning this award I have to provide you with 7 new facts about me! and pass on the award to 15 other bloggers!

Here goes!

1. I have a huge aversion to country music.

2. I love pickled beets

3. I have a love/hate relationship with the Real Housewives of (anywhere).... I know it shallow...I.just.can't.change.the.channel.

4. In 2004-2005 I lived in 5 different states.

5. I was a jock in high school ( I know right)

6. When I was 12 I had the biggest crush on J.T.T. (come on ladies you know you did too). lame.

7. I love to salsa dance ♥

Sooooo.....now that all that embarrassing stuff is out of the way.....here are my 15 stylish blog picks:

Check these blogger ladies out! They are all wonderful and talented ♥



Siri Elaine said...

Thanks for the blog award! Your sweet! I'm gonna check out the other blogs!!

SummerSkin said...

Thank you so much for the blog award! I'm really flattered.


Tracie Pennypacker said...

Thank you for the blog award! I can't wait to check out the others you suggested(:


Marisa Noelle said...

Thanks so much for the blog award:) You are so sweet. I will be sure to check out the others. xx Marisa