My Instax thank me....

I know I gave you all a little photo re-cap of some of my weekend, but what I didn't show you was what I have been up to "creatively" speaking....well, kind of.

Since I got my Instax camera I have been trying to come up with a creative way to display all my pics....I have seen a lot of different ideas on the web, like the instax "clothes line" etc., but I wanted to go a little more creative than that. SOoooo, the Mr. had this old busted up dart board that was literally in pieces, and I happened to notice that the numbers (for the dart board) were all attached to this really cool hoop...almost looked like an oversized clock with way too many numbers and no arms....and it hit me! I could sooo use this to display my Instax pics!

All I did was attach the pics to each number using some adhesive....then I hung the whole thing on the and I used some really lovely gold floss thread that I had in my stash for the center picture.....(recognize it from anywhere lol) and viola! I love it...and it is the exact feel I was going for ♥ Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?!?!

Hope you are all having a great Monday so far! I am so excited to be having a cousin date with my sweet cuzo Summer tomorrow! I am sure there will be some pics to follow!


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