A chic day: downtown

I have to tell you that today was so awesome for me! This sweet lady below is my awesome cousin Summer and we had the most amazing cousin date ever today ♥
Ya see, this amazing woman and her husband our missionaries in Africa...so they are rarely in the states and when they are, they stay pretty busy, what with spreading their time between two families and doing the necessaries of preparing for the return back to Africa. That being said, I am so glad she was able to carve out a little time for a date and oh, what an adventure we had!

we took necessary pictures in front of hip walls....
because it is oh so necessary.

may have very well found the world's largest sword used by giants....
This was at a gem of an antique shop when stumbled upon!

oh, you know me...vintage shops are never too far
( I found some amazing old keys here, but didn't get a chance to snap a pic so I will do that soon!)

ate Russian dumplings at this amazing restaurant called Lido's that specializes in European cuisine....and to think I almost got the schnitzel....I am so glad I didn't! These dumplings were stuffed with the most flavorful veal I have ever eaten! Plus the garlic bread was sprinkled with cinnamon...sooo amazingly good!
found a cute little cupcake shop...and indulged in this double chocolate mocha cupcake....mmmmm

I was enjoying it obviously...we commemorated this wonderful cupcake moment with....picture taking. Oh, yes.
Summer got the red velvet with cream cheese filling....oh my (yes I tried it too, but I shared mine also) sooo yummy....see why I love her sooooo..??!?!? She makes cupcake eating so fun!

In all, it was lovely ♥ There was great conversation, lots of catching up, thrifting, walking and eating! I love family and I love that I have friendships with my cousins....People come and go in life so often that it is so comforting to know that I have family that will be there to share life with.
So that was my day, how was yours?


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Dutson Fam said...

Loving your blog...and your cute outfits! Now following! :)

bird and tree said...

Awwww so sweet<3 Thanks so much!

Renee B. said...

Love it! Looks like a fun adventure!! So glad I stumbled upon your blog. :)

bird and tree said...

Oh it was! Thanks so much for visiting! I am glad you found me!

Marisa Noelle said...

This looks like such a fun time. I love coming across little vintage shops like that. And gosh, that cupcake sounds and looks de-lish!! Adorable photos!

Kacie said...

love your pictures!
andddd now i want russian dumplings :)

bird and tree said...

thanks! ....and yes, they are a must-try!