These Boots

Ever had one of those rainy days where the house is clean, the laundry is (relatively) all done, there are no dishes in the sink and you're kinda left feeling like, " welllllll, ok, now what?" That's was my day earlier, but this kiddo decided to wear mommy's rain boots. This was the cutest thing ever! They are kinda heavy and so when he tried to walk through the house he kinda looked like a zombie from one of the silly zombie movies they have made like 300 of!!! Ahahaha.

I am glad that today I was able to do a lot of needed reflection on what's been going on in my life and with the loss of my grandmother. I think some days the load is given a little lighter in order for us to do just that! I call it maintenance. This little guy makes sure I don't ever go too long with lightening up a little! I am so thankful for that....and the ever re-appearing Kix I keep stepping on (my clean floors! AHHH! lol). Kids cereals. That's my next topic......just kidding. HAH!

Hope you're feeling sunny on this, not so sunny, day ♥ I'll hopefully be back in a bit with yesterday's (I know, I know lol) Flashbax!


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morgan said...

so cute!

bird and tree said...

thanks! I died when I saw him wearing them!!!