Flashbax: Like Audrey

26 January 1971

Today, in 1971, Philippe Venet opened for the Paris Fashion Week. Matched with the likes of YSL and Givenchy ( whom not suprisingly he was the master tailor for, from 1953-1962), Venet began his apprenticeship into fashion at the age of 14 going to study under Pierre Court ( who owned the rights to Balenciaga at the time). Venet was also the mastermind behind Audry Hepburn's look in her movies starting with Sabrina Fair and working along side the actress until Breakfast At Tiffany's.....( I knew there was a reason I loved him so!) Audrey has been my style icon for as long as I can remember and to discover the "creator" of her style is fascinating!

Surprisingly, I found an article discussing that year's fashion show, and Venet. Not only did it talk about who some of the other designers were in the show but also described many of the pieces that were worn by the models during the show. We, now days, are so used to pictures and instant ( or nearly) visual permission to all things fashion, that we take for granted that back then they relied on the description alone not having the ability to see any pictures at all! Wow!
                                                       Here is that article:
                                                       Tuscaloosa News
Here also, are some pictures I was able to find from some of Venet's collections, they are from before 1971 but they give you an idea of some of his style aesthetic, and of course a picture of the brilliant designer himself!

1968 Collection


Picture Sources ( 1, 2, 3 )

Hope you enjoyed today's Flashbax...if you stumble on anymore info on this designer please send it my way! I would love to know more!



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