Days Like These

Hello dearies ♥
Today we decided to have a little family day! We went to a couple of local shops that I love and took the boys out for lunch at Luca's favorite....McDonald's or as he likes to refer to it as "The Nugget House" lol.

Remember those keys I told you I picked up at the vintage shop on Tuesday?!?!?! Well....I had to snap a picture of them to show you! Aren't they great!?!?! They are the kinds of things that you probably have absolutely no actual use for but HAVE TO HAVE them lol....Seems I do this a lot. But they're keyyyyysssss...... :)

 ....and here's the sweet brooch I found for yep, $1!!!! Hello bargain. I love you.
Sorry the pictures are kinda fuzzy I took them really quickly in between going through baby clothes. That's right my little chunky birdie-birdie has offically begun growing out of things. Sigh....Makes me sad, I JUST gave birth to him.....lol But one of my dear friends just found out she is having a boy so I am SUPER happy that these little bitty clothes have a wonderful home to go to! Do any of you momma's get sentimental after going through things one or more of your kiddos clothes that they no longer fit? You would think I would be used to it by now. I mean, I have been on this rodeo twice....but it doesn't get much easier for me. They get big quick (that's for you future momma's out there) so make every moment worthy.

Anddddd this is what my giggly self looks like when I have had a fantastic day with my wonderful little family. Boys Rock!

Be back later with I ♥ Thursday!

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oomph. said...

those keys are a fabulous find...not sure how big they are, but i am envisioning some kind of necklace, or two/three finger ring!!