I ♥ Thursday (on Friday): LOVE-ly Things

....ON FRIDAY ...oops!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Hi all! I am sorry I am just getting around to I ♥ Thursday.... last night I learned of another illness in the family and was just not up to blogging last night. So I am doing it one day late. Hope you like my faves nonetheless. I chose a valentine's day theme because well, I love: LOVE! These are some really adorable items for this LOVE-ly season so enjoy! I had to make an impromptu trip a couple of hours away to pick up a family member from the airport (Love you Aunt V.!) so everything has been such a rush today. I have caught up a lot in just a short time so I am so thankful for the little burst of energy I had to be able to do it all!

          1 (necklace), 2 (pillow), 3 (fine art print), 4 (love charm), 5 (soaps), 6 (ring), 7 (dress).

 Hope you are having a relaxing night! TGIF!!!!!


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