The McCoys: Christmas Sneak Peak

....wanna  (little) glimpse of how Christmas is going to be here out our house?

....these are also some of the reasons I have had little-to-know sleep lately hahaha

....and why I think a handmade Christmas is so fun, rewarding and well, lots of other reasons!

...I made a little birdie for my little birdie ♥

...a whale of a scarf for a growing little guy... (I freaked over
this project a little; it was made completely free-hand w/out
using a pattern of any kind...yikes!)

...now ok, let me explain....oh, forget it. Yes, I have succumb to the
trend of bunting, arrest me. I. love.it.
This year, I decided to get creative with all my wrapping(s)...I made my own
bows, embellishments, tags...basically with what I had on hand...minus the craft paper,
I had to buy a role of that. This is just one example of  how I have vamped my Christmas wrapping
this year. There are so many options...I need more presents to try them all out...hahahah

I also made many of our tree ornaments and decorations...you can check that out here .

A handmade Christmas was really important this year...for more than one reason. Yeah, we could all do with
spending a little less money this time of year, that goes without saying, but for me it was a lot more than that. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than for Luca to open his presents on Christmas morning knowing, that I INVESTED in him; taking the time to think of what he likes, how to incorporate those likes into gifts, and what I could make that would reflect him-his personality, his favorite color, his favorite animals, etc.

So yeah, I lost sleep this month, but it is so worth it. If you have never made gifts, or made anything. Try it! The rewards far outweigh  the hassle. Promise.

I wish I could post pics of all the handmade gifts we have put together for the kiddos, but most of them are wrapped now....so maybe we can wait until after Christmas lol...

PS...though I went to sleep very late last night making presents and wrapping them....the highlight of my night was watching the Mr. making our oldest a dinosaur book....that was truly awesome.
 I am a lucky girl, have I told you lately?


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