Let's Get Festive

Our town had a cute little Christmas parade this past weekend so we took the kiddos out to battle the frigid coldness just to see Santa and nearly get knocked out by flying candy! Lol I loved it! The Marine Corp. band (one of them) came from Lejune to march in the parade as well as perform a mini-Christmas concert for everyone! That was super fun, Luca really enjoyed that...and the Mr. did as well since he is/was a marine (once you've served our country, in my mind, I think you should always be recognized as such).

Luca was anxious to see each new float go by

the town's center was filled with booths, yummy food, and rides for the kids! How fun!

On Friday, we finished decorating the tree and the living room (for the most part).
We had so much fun, and since Luca did so well decorating his grannie's tree in Florida, I let him
help decorate our tree! he did an awesome job and he is so proud of himself! He constantly admires it, and tells me,
"Momma very good job. tree Christmas. I did." Translation: "Momma I did a very good job on the Christmas tree." lol

Now he will never forget the first real tree we had as a family, and that he helped us to decorate it!
I love this family of mine!

We will be going out of town next week to visit family, so I have been getting all the Christmas presents together...or the making of I should say. I really feel like handmade gifts are so extra special because you have invested a little piece of yourself with the gift. Not that I am downing bought gifts because there will be a couple of those too, I just love making gifts!

Hope you all are jumping on the productivity wagon and getting all your Christmas stuff done!!! Here's to a minimal/no stress holiday! Woohoo!!!


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