Holiday DIY: Christmas Wreath's

Phew! Somewhere today, between Christmas pictures, cleaning, teaching the birdie to eat SOLIDS (woohoo) and editing I have managed to pull together for you my 2nd Holiday DIY!!!!! Though I wish I could say this was all my original idea, I did gain inspiration from this post by Elise Blaha. I took her Halloween-themed wreath and turned it into a Christmas wreath! Though there are several differences between hers and mine, I absolutely love that she created the post otherwise I would have never thought of making one at all! Go on over and check it out, ya know ya wanna! So while I go and pass out (hehe, no really) enjoy the DIY and get crafting!

Oh! Before you get started here are a few side notes to consider. I used some old, unused t-shirts for my wreath fabric ( i got lucky and had the perfect colors for the season in my stash!), but you can used store bought fabric, linen, pretty much anything that is long enough to tie. Speaking of tie, make sure that if your fabric is not stretchy, that you compensate for that when you cut your strips, staying closer to 7" or longer.

Ok enough talk! Here's (my version) of:

 The Holiday Wreath

Hope you all are enjoying my DIY segments! Again, I would love to see your versions as well, so paste a link in the comments section to the pictures of your creations!

Happy Creating!

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