There's a First for Everything....

Just stopping by to say hi, and thought you all might like to see a sneak peak at Canaan's first spoonful of solids (well, rice cereal anyway) EVER!!!! Yeah, I am pretty excited too. He took to it very easily; no spit-ups are to be reported so he must be one food loving birdie ♥

nom nom nom....

Yep, I'm a pretty proud momma! Hope you all are having a fab.u.lous.
 Hump Day, by the way, and tomorrow I will have another
"I ♥ Thursday" roundup for ya!

(ps- ignore the blatantly obvious Christmas chaos that I unsuccessfully tried to crop out of this picture. To be fair to myself, I did try to put things away each time I finished with one project...but people it is DECEMBER !!!! I will be completing Christmas projects until the 11th hour!.....sooooo, I said the heck with it all, and I'm leaving it all out until I get done with everything...lol and if you come to my house I will try to hide it under beds and closets and such so you don't think, "My what a crazy, messy lady she is..." OK, I'm done. The End.)

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