I lied....

Well, sort of... I DID say I wasn't going to blog tonight but I just couldn't stay away haha!!!

I also said I was going to do nothing, save drink coffee and watch bad tv ( bad tv being jeopardy and ghost hunters lol). While I dis live up to that part, I still couldn't quite stay away from the sewing machine....

So.... This little cc/license/business card, etc. holder is what I ended up with!!!

I was pretty pleased with the turn out since it was made on the fly with no pattern....

Soooo..... Who wants it????
That's right!!! I'll be giving this little nugget to the 1st person to message me via email...(see contact info)!!!

Okkkkkk.... Now I'm going to bed...I think

Oh! Make sure to include your mailing address in your email!


XoXo Elena

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