In Lists, it is Mecca...in life, it's just Kibble

Lets De-clutter List

(don't I just look soooo overwhelmed haha)

...actually it should be called: What I Have to Do Tomorrow List

...no pressure...

1. organize all my materials (ya know, the crafting kind) into their new home
 (a storage container woohoo lol)...and finally out of my kitchen.
2. wrap the last of the presents
3. clean, my already clean house....cuhzzz I am ocd...don't kid. It is a prah.blem.
4. Find a way to convince Luca that using the "Big Boy Potty" is actually pretty awesome and
all the popular kids are doing it...but wait, that's kind of an everyday thing, my bad.
5. Find the cheese box my dad says he has somewhere in his "museum" (or as most people call them, his house) of ah-mazing stuff...yes, the cheese box is a must for my life at the moment.
6. Pick more pecans...like all of them...(we have several on our property)...so no more random
strangers stop to graze my front yard like herded cattle...(except the old lady that promised to bring us a pie...she can pick them all she wants).
7. Wash my hair...we all know that's important...but with my mane...this is a very long process...
well the (drying of said hair anyway).
8. Welcome our visitors (the Mr.'s Nana and Grandpa) who will be celebrating Christmas with us and my extended family.
9. Figure out what-the-heck I am going to wear for Christmas....that just might send me over the edge guys...lol
10. Add all the stuff above to my list of washing, cleaning, bathing babes, diaper changing, feeding,
chasing, correcting, kissing, wrangling and yep, LOVING the heck outta my little (and big) men!


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