Even though the majority of the heavy making, buying and exchanging is about to be over, come Saturday, I thought I would help some of you last-minute shoppers out just a little. These would even make great gifts for those of you not guilted by buying a few Christmas presents for yourself (wink wink)!

I was perusing (love that word by the way) through Amazon a bit earlier looking for a couple of great books for the kiddos, and I decided to compile a few books I have been crushing over.

This is a book I think all bloggers, creators, artists, etc. should purchase
       if you are interesting or already trying to sell your wares.
 (you can find it here)

What a perfect book for this time of season! Great for
decorating your home!
 (you'll find it here)

I have been wanting this one...perfect for beginners!
(go here).

This book I have wanted for...well...long enough!
Amy Butler always produces the best books!
(to peak inside and/or purchase go here)

I could have gone on and on with this list, but ya know, quality is better than quantity (I feel like I have just said this recently haha, oh well). Hope you get some good ideas from this list, or maybe it sparks an idea for something equally creative...even better!

Though I doubt, if you tried to purchase any of these books through Amazon, they would make it in time for Christmas, but they are all probably available at your local bookstore....or ohhhhhh idea! Even maybe at your local library if you wanted to check one out for personal use...that's ahemmmm, A.K.A.....free! 

Hope you all are having great times with the people you love, busy with merry making and creating new and wonderful memories!


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