I Love Thursday: Features Cottage Carries!!!!!!

It's the moment we've all been waiting for!!!! What is it? My very first guest appearance, of course!!!! Since I have been neglecting my I Love Thursday segment just a little, and have been looking for some fresh ways to spruce it up, I thought, what better way to do that AND support a friend and shop that I love?!?! Genius...or so I think. So, this "I love Thursday's" very first guest is my old college pal Rachel ! Read on as she introduces her shop, her beautiful and oh-so-chic items and goes a little into just what inspires her on a daily basis! Enjoy this Q&A!

Your name?: Rachel Harvey

Your shop name?: Cottage Carries ...you can find Cottage Carries here on Etsy, on facebook and on twitter!!!!

What do you make/sell?: Handmade Clutches, Coin Purses, and Bags

Description of how you got started/why?: Well, I am a stay-at-home mom of an amazing little boy. I am one of those mommies with extra time on my hands. So I wanted to start a hobby, one that I would love and be able to do when I wasn't chasing my little boy around. And it would also be a plus if I could make some extra moo-la too. So I tried painting and other hobbies, but I just was not passionate about them. My husband kept encouraging me to find that one thing that would make me happy, that one thing that I would keep doing and doing and never quit. PURSES! It just popped in my head. I started reviving vintage purses, then I was reading a purse blog and got inspired to make framed clutches. Wah-la!

What are some current favorite trends ?: I really love vintage and retro looks, as well as, classy feminine looks.

Where do you gain inspiration?: Definitely Etsy! I look around on Etsy alllll the time.

Do you have a blog?:  Not yet, but maybe someday

What fairs/conventions you have been a part of ?: Fall Jonquil Festival

Here are just a few of her adorable clutches and coin purses!!!! The Boarding School Clutch and Coin purse is to-die-for!!!! But that's the thing, they ALL are really !!!!

The Boarding School Clutch and Coin Purse

 The Hospitality Coin Purse

The Watermelon Coin Purse

Thanks so much Rachel! Remember, to view and/or purchase any of Rachel's gorgeous purses click on the above Etsy link, this will take you to her shop. Also, checkout her facebook and twitter pages and follow her to be alerted on the latest and greatest of her creations!!! Oh and side note Rachel....if you ever do start a blog believe me I would be following!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this Feature!!! I hope that you do, though I am confident that it will be a hit! Be on the look out for more to come in the future and give me your feedback....I want to know what you all are thinking!!!

Hope you all have a great Thursday...cause ya know ...tomorrow isssss Friday!!!!!


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Rachel said...

Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!